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I was just sitting and reflecting on my life.  On February 16th I will be 50 years old.  Where did all of the time go?  I know that this life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow and that is why we have to make every moment count.  Time waits for no one and time is very precious and once it is wasted, you can never get it back.  Time spent in anger, bitterness and unforgiveness is wasted time.  Time spent on would’ve could’ve, should’ve is wasted time.  In Ecclesiastes 3 the Bible says to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  How have I spent my time?  Have I spent more time worrying instead of praying?  Have I spent more time on Facebook instead of in His book?  Have I spent more time texting than I have actually talking with someone on the phone or face to face?  Have I spent more time being ungrateful than I have being thankful?  Have I spent more time walking in fear than I have walking by faith?  Have I spent more time trying to seek the approval of man more than I have trying to please God?  Sad to say that the answer is yes to most of these questions. 


God has blessed and kept me for “50” years and I am so GRATEFUL because He did not have to.  He has kept me safe from dangers seen and unseen.  Every day I leave my house He watches over me throughout the day and brings me back safely.  Every day as I listen to the news of another school shooting, it breaks my heart for those families who sent their children off to school not knowing that some of them would not make it back home.  There is so much evil in this world but the Bible tells me not to be shook by these things and that nothing is going to be right until Christ returns.  I say all of this to say don’t take ANYTHING for granted, especially time!!  Make every moment count.  Make sure to always say I Love you and I’m sorry and I forgive you, don’t hold on to anger and bitterness and unforgiveness.  Life is too short and God has been too good!!  Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  Enjoy the simple things in life… a smile, a child’s laughter, holding hands, a hug, a kiss, a long walk and the list could go on and on.  Don’t take your loved ones for granted but enjoy them while you can.  Don’t waste time living in the past but learn from it and keep pressing forward. 


Thank YOU , LORD for your faithfulness towards me, fifty years, WOW!!!  I am excited to see what’s next!!!  I don’t want to waste a minute!!  Lord help me to be a better steward of the time that you bless me with!!! Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!!!!


Hey All, there is a new movie coming out on March 16, 2018 called “I Can Only Imagine” based on MercyMe’s powerful song, “ I Can Only Image”.  I believe this movie will impact lives the way this song has.  It talks about the transforming power of God and it gives people hope!!!  Some of the greatest songs comes out of the greatest pain.  God truly does not waste ANYTHING!!  Our pain is NEVER without purpose.  I can’t wait to see it and I hope you will get the word out and make it #1 on the opening weekend!!  Take your family, and your church to see this movie!!  The movie trailer is below!!!  God bless!!



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