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__________________ John 10:27-30In His Hands Ministry


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Only the God of heaven has the right to define you, and when you are in Christ, you are perfectly beautiful in His righteousness..not broken.

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The Fervent Winter Tour


I was blessed to be able to go see Priscilla Shirer and her brother, Anthony Evans on "The Fervent Tour Winter Tour" that was held at the Church of the City in Franklin, TN on February 23rd at 7:00pm.  It was truly a worship and praise and Word experience.  Ladies, if she and her brother are coming to your city, I would urge you to go and partake, it will bless you beyond words.  They both have a passion for spreading the Gospel, one through Song and the other by teaching the Word of God.  The Lord's train truly did fill the temple on Tuesday Night, the house was packed.  Prayer is a powerful weapon against the enemy.  I would encourage you to get the book, "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer and see how it would change your prayer life, I know it has changed mine.  Also get the CD by Anthony Evans titled Real Life/Real Worship with songs like "Never Fail" and the "Mercy Tree".  Below are a couple of pictures from the Tour.  Be encouraged and God bless!!!



After seeing the movie "Fireproof", I wanted to go and visit the church in Albany Georgia that made the movie.  So the Lord allowed Chris & I to go to ReFRESH which is a retreat that Sherwood has every year to encourage Pastor's and Asst. Pastor's in their ministries.  What a wonderful time we had, when I say that their is something special about Sherwood Baptist Church, their love for the Lord is so very real.  From the moment we walked into the church, we felt welcomed.  And after the first break we got a chance to meet some of the people who played in "Fireproof".  In the vestibule we got to meet Harris Malcomb and Phyllis Malcolm who played Caleb Holt's mother and father.  I told Mr. Malcomb how much he blessed me in the movie and he went on to tell us how he was a Pastor for over 20 years and that now he goes around to churches in Georgia encouraging the Pastors and helping them.  And we told him where we were from and about our church and then he asked if he could pray with us before we left, so he stopped right there in the vestibule and prayed with us.  We got to meet Mr. Rudolph who was Caleb's grumpy neighbor.  His real name is Bill Stafford and he is a Pastor who loves the Lord and loves the youth, he reminded us of Pastor Frelix.  We got to meet Jason McLeod who played Eric, one of the firemen and he also played in "Facing The Giants", he was the football player who did the death crawl down the field.  He was so nice and told us if we needed anything while we there to let him know, he also shared his testimony.  We also got to meet Erin Bethea who played Catherine Holt in Fireproof, she is also Pastor Michael Catt's daughter, he is the Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church.  We also got to met Ken Bevel who played Michael Simmons, the firearm who was always witnessing to Caleb.  He also played Nathan Hayes in "Courageous".  He shared with us his testimony about how he almost got court marshalled but the Lord stepped in and changed his life and now he is a Sr. Assoc. Pastor at Sherwood.  We also met Alex Kendrick, who played Adam Mitchell in "Courageous", he is the one who gave the moving speech at the end and he is also one of the producers of Sherwood Pictures and we got to tell him how much we loved "Fireproof" and he gave all the glory to the LORD.  We were sitting at a table in the cafeteria during lunch with some ladies from Sherwood and we were talking about their movies and that we had never seen the movie "Flywheel" and we asked where the church bookstore was and she told us to come by after the lunch session and when we did she had a copy of "Flywheel" that she gave us.  Our whole experience at Sherwood was AWESOME.  The Pastors that spoke at each session were great, one in particular, Pastor Daniel Simmons, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church preached from Psalm 51, all I can say is WOW!!!  He also played in the movie "Courageous", he was the Pastor that performed the Resolution Ceremony and we got to go and visit their new church, it was beautiful.  The women at the lunch table also shared with us about when Pastor Catt first became Pastor at Sherwood, that he sent out letters to churches in the surrounding counties to come together and that the only church that responded was Pastor Daniel Simmons and now Mt. Zion is Sherwood's sister church.  We also got to take a tour of Sherwood's Legacy Park which is a part of their community outreach and it is a huge park that has a picnic pavilion that seats over 500 people and has gas grills and a full kitchen, they have horseback riding, softball, baseball, soccer, frisbee golf and they have a 110 foot cross that stands in the park. The hotel we stayed at was across the street from a park that has the Ray Charles Statue that spins around and plays music and has piano keys all around it and at night it changes colors.  Below are some pictures from our trip.  If you are ever in the Albany Georgia area, stop by Sherwood, you will not be disappointed!!!

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