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It is my prayer that this Youth Corner will encourage the youth to be BOLD and POWERFUL in their walk with Christ.  What we seasoned saints need to remember is that we were not always saved and we have to learn how to reach people where they are, to love them where they are and allow God to clean them and keep them.  After all Christ did not brow beat us to himself but He loved us to Himself.  Love is the key to EVERYTHING!!



Here at we want you to know what it means to be In His Hands! The Lord Jesus Christ is a refuge; He’s a hiding place unlike any other. He is a safe haven that can weather any storm. 


The Bible says in Isaiah 14:27 For the Lord of hosts hath purposed and who shall disannul it? And his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?


The Lord has a purpose for your life. And who can stand against you when the Lord Almighty stands for you? Who can smack down the Lord’s Hand when it’s stretched out on your behalf?  I’ll wait.


When you’re in His Hand, you can’t be touched. Trouble may come your way, but it won’t last. Things you may deem as trouble are actually there working for your good; helping to make you and shape you into stronger discipleship.


We employ you to walk in His hand. He’s a covenant keeping God and He said He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. As you face the challenges of school, the pressure from peers, or the stress that accompanies today’s youth, let’s try our best to stay focused on Jesus. 


We understand your issues are true, however, God is Truth!  We know you face problems that your parents and teachers didn’t have to deal with, but surely the Lord’s hand is not too short that it cannot save, nor his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.


Walk in the Lord!  Your breath is in His hand. Hold on to His word and His unchanging hand!


Jay Gilmore/Youth Leader




Greater is Coming! Do you want it?


There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. If you grab a hold of some faith and apply your works, you’ll hear the chains falling. I hear it in the spirit and my heart is yearning that our young people hear it too. In the name of Jesus our young ones can overcome laziness, peer pressure, depression, bullying and all temptations that come one’s way.


I speak life over you this day. It’s my heart’s desire that you walk this life with the drive and focus to make the right decisions. Despite the sickness and sin around us, we know the difference between right and wrong. We know what decisions we should make, yet our choices prove that we don’t truly care about the consequences of making the wrong decision.


A young teenager was recently shot in my neighborhood at 12:30 am. That seems sad. It is sad. However, she was shot while with a group that was committing a robbery. She was one of those---committing the robbery. Why wasn’t she at home sleeping? Shouldn’t she have been getting rest before the next day of school?


Our young people have to make better decisions. One decision can affect the rest of one’s life. This life is hard enough dealing with things out of our control. We can make it a tad bit better by making better choices. Choices are what we control. I’m writing to prepare you for greater. Your greater can start now with you making better decisions. Say no to your flesh and yes to Jesus. Make the best decision of your life today by following Jesus. If you’ve already chosen to follow Jesus, make the conscience decision to do so daily. Greater is coming if you make the right decisions.


Jay Gilmore



                                                            Take Heed Today!


When you’re in His hands you have to ask yourself do you believe. If you believe, it’ll show up in your actions. Obedience is a common form of one’s belief.  And for our young people in Christ, it’s been ordained that we be obedient to those over us in the flesh; our parents, teachers and authority in general. The law has been established for a reason and we have to obey and follow our leaders, or we’re out of order. 


We’re writing to ask you to take heed to those over you. Our parents and teachers have our best interest in mind. The Lord has our best interest at heart.  Despite what you may believe, authority doesn’t rule just to be mean.  Our parents don’t boss us around just to be bossy. Despite what you believe, for the most part, your parents and elders have walked in your shoes. They’ve been there and done that.  The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. You may feel some kind of way about your situation, but your situation is not unique. Yes, you are special, but your situation isn’t new to the Lord’s hands. He’s able to bring you through to the other side of today’s struggle.


And one way He does that is to put those in our lives that have experienced what we’re going through. So listen and act appropriately. Take heed today to the word of the Lord, including those over you in the flesh.


Jay Gilmore






Please check out the videos below, I pray that they will encourage you to TRUST GOD with all of your heart!!  Be encourage and know that you can make a difference.  In a world where you can be anything, be the AUTHENTIC YOU that Christ created you to be even if that means at times you have to STAND alone.  Let your goal be to glorify God in all that you do and He will take care of everything else. God is truly raising up an army.  


In His Hands.... Elder Donna Marsh

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